On this page you will find a number of video resources that we have put together for mission. These would have originally been taught within our MSCs and Disciple-Making evenings, but everyone is welcome to use them for mission!


Carl looks at why and how we can be confident as we set off as disciples of Jesus, seeking to make more disciples for him. Our confidence is not in ourselves, but in the power of God’s word and Spirit to save and transform people’s lives.  If you’re lacking confidence in all this disciple-making stuff, you’re not alone! Watch this video!

Compassion [Part 1]

Do we care that people are separated from their loving heavenly Father?  Do we care that they are lost and in danger of an eternity without Christ? In this video, Carl looks at how we can ask God to change our hearts as we actively to pray for the people around us to come to faith.

Compassion [Part 2]

Mapping Your World and ‘Pray for 5’

With this simple technique, Carl teaches shows us how to make a relational map of the world we live in, and begin to pray for the people on it.

Connection [Part 1]

People of Peace and offering to pray

In this first ‘Connection’ video, Carl explains how we find a ‘Person of Peace’ in the world around us, and how we can begin to connect our life of faith with them by offering to pray for a need.

Connection [Part 2]

Listening to God for people

After doing his morning crossword, Dave teaches us how we can listen to God for our friends and strangers, and how this is a beautiful way of connecting them to our life of faith. Whether you’re new to the prophetic or more experienced in all this, Dave explains how we use this gift to bless others. 

Connection [Part 3]

Telling your story

Sharing how God has made a difference in our lives is one of the most powerful ways we can connect our life of faith with those around us. In this third ‘Connection’ video, Alex joins us from the cactus house and teaches exactly how to put together your own testimony, so that it is concise and easy to share with others. This video works well whether you’re on your own or in a group setting. Enjoy! 

Continuing [Part 1]

Shared MSC Life

Elaine explains the importance of continuing to spend time with our friends, to have fun together and to include them in as much of our MSC life as possible. This is a great way for people to explore faith at their own pace and know the support of a bunch of Christian friends while they do this. This ‘Continuing’ phase can take months or years, so it make sure you’re having lots of fun on the journey!

Continuing [Part 2]

Learning to bless and prayer walk

In this video, Elaine teaches on the difference between interceding for our friends and praying blessing on them, and how we’re called to do both in our walk with people. She also explains how Prayer Walking is a great way of blessing the neighbourhood or environment you’re in (work, school, etc.) and how this helps to tap into what the Father is saying about that place.

Conversion [Part 1]

Using Discovery Bible Study with friends

John takes a break from drinking coffee to teach us how to begin to disciple our friends using the ‘3-Thirds Discipleship’ model. As part of this, he shows us how to study the Bible using a very simple and replicable pattern called Discovery Bible Study. This is also how you go on discipling someone after they have come to faith, and how you ‘Cultivate’ them so they can begin to disciple someone themselves using all these tools!

Conversion [Part 2]

Sharing God's Story

In the last of our videos, the amazing Jess Fellows teaches on how to share the gospel using a simple but powerful diagram known as the ‘3 Circles’.  It is a great way of explaining the essence of the Christian faith on the back of an envelope!  It is also a great way of helping people come to a point of commitment to Jesus if they are ready to do that.