Worldwide Mission Partners

Supporting God's mission throughout the world

Holy Trinity Leicester is pleased to support a number of people and organisations throughout the world that demonstrate the love of God in various ways, through prayer and financial support. We believe that our first 10% (the tithe) is offered to God’s mission and so as well as our members tithing to Holy Trinity, we also bless these partners with a share in our own 10% tithe.

In addition to supporting these specific partners, we are often able to support our own members on short term mission trips with a small gift. If you are interested in receiving such a gift, please contact Steve Gorton in the first instance.

Andrew and Claudia Fanstone (Iris Ministries, Brazil)

Andrew has an inspiring family history, his great-grandfather came to Brazil and pastored the first Evangelical church in NorthEast Brazil, In addition to being one of the fathers of Mission in our nation. Andrew received a call from God to raise up missionaries for the Nations, After 11 years serving in Ywam Fortaleza, a place where God molded and used him powerfully, aswell as being the place where he met his wonderful wife, God called them to a new time and so Iris Fortaleza was born (along with the Barbuti family). Andrew and his family have inspired, thousands of people to a life of devotion and radical surrender to the Lord Jesus.

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Sarah Wheway (Hellenic Ministries)

Our desire is to provide counseling and encouragement for girls to give life to their unborn children and not to seek an abortion. We want to offer ‘Hope’ and a safe refuge for girls to stay in during their pregnancy. We plan to help girls get set up in their new life with their baby after they leave our Centre, or if they choose to consider adoption, we aim to help them with that process by offering legal support. Our prayer is that God will meet each girl in her place of need during her pregnancy, and that she will find refuge in Him and a way to walk forward in"

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ReSource (UK)

ReSource works for the renewal of people and churches for mission in the power of the Holy Spirit - across all traditions, churches and denominations, with an Anglican distinctive. We believe that the Holy Spirit is continually renewing the church for effective mission. We want to cooperate with the Spirit as he builds the Kingdom of God and grows the new creation in exciting and transformational ways.

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Simon Braker (Legacy Ministries International)

Simon is a prophetic minister who serves the worldwide church through a range of resources and speaking at conferences and events. As part of Che Ahn’s Harvest International Ministry (HIM), Simon has ministered in a number of countries including USA, Nigeria, Brazil, India, Ukraine, Poland and the UK.

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Christian Aid

Christian Aid is a partnership of people, churches and local organisations committed to ending poverty worldwide. They stand together with global neighbours like Vilia. Together they can create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.

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Fusion Movement

Our vision as Fusion is to serve students and local churches as they crack on with mission to their campuses and universities. We will tell the story of the movement through sharing exciting student mission ideas & stories from across the world to encourage, inspire and provoke you to pray bigger as you step out in boldness and faith. We believe that we can see a significant move of God amongst students in this generation and want to equip you with the tools and training you need to help you play your part in this through your church community. This is why we travel across the UK sharing student mission stories, training students and student small groups to live radically missional lives for Jesus at uni and beyond.

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Open Doors

Supporting persecuted Christians with Bibles, Christian materials, training, livelihood skills, advocacy - and in a whole host of other ways - so that they know they are not forgotten and can stand strong to serve their communities. So that they can give life.

We also seek to mobilise the church in the UK & Ireland not only to serve Christians living under religious persecution but also to learn from them what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

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Tearfund is a Christian charity, called to follow Jesus wherever the need is greatest around the world. We help communities overcome the worst effects of poverty and disasters – we believe that the same people who face these issues, also have the best idea as to how they can overcome them. Tearfund works alongside local churches and other locally-based organisations in over 50 countries to help people realise their plans for a better future.
In 50 years we've seen millions of lives restored and we won’t stop until poverty stops. Together there's more we can do. Holy Trinity are delighted to partner with Tearfund through their Connected Churches initiative.

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New Wine

New Wine’s vision is to see local churches changing nations. We want to encourage a renewal of all things by uniting church members and their leaders, to understand and agree their vision so that, together, all individuals can work towards a new way of being God’s people. We want to provide an effective way of engaging with God and his kingdom for every generation, acknowledging existing culture and evolving appropriately.
We want to empower and equip leaders to live out and grow God’s kingdom by teaching Spirit and Kingdom principles that can be applied locally to meet the needs of their community and church family.

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