Find out more about Holy Trinity Leicester

Our vision is that Holy Trinity will be a community of missional disciples from all nations that will transform the city of Leicester and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus formed his disciples into a community, centred around his life and teaching, in order that they might take his message of life and love out into the world in the power of his Spirit. We seek to live up to the responsibilities of this great commission by choosing to faithfully take the baton from those who have gone before us, prayerfully seek what it means for us to run a good race and do all we can to pass it on with integrity to all who will follow.

If you would like to know more about how to be a part of our community, how to grow as a disciple or how to join us in mission, then please use our contact form, and we’ll be in touch.

If this all sounds a bit strange, then please follow this link to "Why Jesus?" where we explain how you can learn more about the beliefs that we are trying to express.

Our Vision

Our Senior Leadership Team, under the leadership of Elaine Sutherland, regularly take time to strategically plan according to where we believe God is leading us as a church. Our current 7 priorities are as follows.

1. Power of God for Salvation

We want to be a church that is every increasingly confident in the power of God for the salvation of everyone. We hope to see this expressed through our members continually trying to bring others to Jesus and this extends to our church plants. 

2. An Inter-generational and Inter-cultural Church

We believe that God is best representated across ages and races. We're not looking for an inclusive church, rather a fully integrated church where there is honour for one another. 

3. A Centre for Preaching and Teaching

We believe in the truth of the Bible as the revealed word of God. We want to deepen our understanding of Scripture which will be reflected in a holy lifestyle.

4. A Place of Healing

We take seriously prophetic words over our church that we would be a place of healing for many. We regularly pray for the sick and for people to receive freedom. We expect to see the Gospel accompanied by signs and wonders and want to see all our members empowered through this. 

5. A Place of Worship

We believe that we are called to produce new worship songs for our own church and beyond. We also believe God is calling us to expand to new creative ventures in the area of media. 

6. A Heart for the Vulnerable

We deeply believe that God has compassion on the poorest and we want to play our part in serving them through our compassion ministries and mentoring, with the aim that we will see lives transformed. 

7. A Place of Presence

We believe that God is calling us to be a people - and a place - of His presence. Holy Trinity will be known for the presence of God where the Lordship of Jesus reigns.