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We love the fact that HTL is made up of all ages, from newborns to great grannies and granddads. We believe it is really important to invest in the discipleship of our younger members because we want them to know God fully in an intimate way and they will be tomorrow's leaders! So on Sundays we usually run a number of age groups with carefully planned sessions for each age range. We also have a group specifically catering for children with additional needs. We also run various additional activities throughout the year. Have a look on this page for resources that you might find helpful.

Video Resources

Every week we release new materials for kids and families to use at home. We hope they will entertain, inspire and encourage our younger members to grow closer to God.

Our main release is every Saturday morning at 9am on YouTube, but we often release other items as well. Do look out for kids and family events that we advertise through the weekly email.

The Good Friday Story

This year Easter was a bit different. We asked some of our HTL Kids to help us remember the first Good Friday through their excellent acting along to Alex reading the story.


Thy Kingdom Come - Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map

Do have a look at the resources available for families and children as part of Thy Kingdom Come. Click here for more information.

Family Devotions from Children Can

For families wondering how best to use the extra time on their hands, we recommend using resources generated by the Children Can: 

Subscribe to the daily podcast, Watch the family devotions, Download the activity packs or simply read the blog.


Faith at Home is a national campaign that builds on the work of Growing Faith and Everyday Faith to support the faith development and pastoral care of children and young people.

Worship Resources from ROOTS

We are also pleased to recommend resources from ROOTS: Weekly resources to enrich worship and learning all week every week.


Free daily prayer and worship activities from Engage Worship.


We love hearing stories of God at work in our families. Here are some of those stories that you've sent in - be encouraged!

As a family each weekday morning since the first Monday schools were shut we’ve paused at 8.50 to sing and pray. (Just for 5/10 minutes to keep their attention!) The kids have been taking it in turns to pick songs. We’ve done a rendition of Good Good God with about 15 goods and Ella keeps trying to pick row row row your boat, so maybe we need to come up with a worship song to that?! We’ve been praying for our world, country, our MSC etc we each take it in turns. Rufus has learnt the Lords Prayer (off his own back) and leads us in that most days. I am really hopefully we can continue this special time together with God when all this over.

The way Rufus prayers is a real testament to what he is being taught and encouraged in at Bubbles. So please pass this on to the Bubbles team too. When Rufus was born he was 7 weeks early and diddy, my brother had a word for him which was the verses from Matt 13:31-32...

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed planted in a field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but it becomes the largest of garden plants; it grows into a tree, and birds come and make nests in its branches.

He felt God say that Rufus would grow up to be big and strong in God, to be someone others would go to to seek shelter/help. Whilst it was a wonderful picture and I felt it deeply, at the time, holding this tiny human, it was hard to picture him being a huge tree. Lately I have really begun to see this word take root (if you’ll pardon the pun!) in Rufus, especially as I see how Poppy and Ella seek to model his prayer techniques and hunger for God’s spirit. It’s exciting.

We are all fine and blessed to live on the edge of a nature reserve with a dog we need to walk, it has been quite a sanctuary for us. There are few people who venture out so easy to keep your distance.

I went out to pray in the garden the other night, to pray blessing down on the family and speak over the house as I do sometimes. It was quite nice to have a bit of alone time with God.

The boys found me in the garden and Tom said 'mum I think I can feel God's Holy Spirit', Jack agreed with him. So we spent the next fifteen minutes talking about God, I spoke about the bible's definition of love and we also touched on just how central Jesus is to scripture and the whole human story, I explained his birth death and burial were foretold in the bible which amazed Jack. Tom already knew this (I am often surprised at what he remembers).

Last night the boys came to sit with me, Jack really wanted to see an image of God. I explained there were some scriptures which described certain aspects of the God, but there is no picture that is God the father or Jesus. Then he said that he thought God looked like all of us, I said this is partly true as we are made in God's image. It's lovely to talk with them over these things.

Jack prayed Jeremiah 29 11 over the whole family which was lovely!


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