Family Mission-Shaped Communities, including Our Space which caters for children with additional needs. Together you will be a family on mission; sharing life together where  possible, seeking to share Jesus with other families in your life.  Once a month you will gather for a worship celebration (ideally accessible to your non-believing friends) and meeting in between in small groups for bible study and prayer.

Footsteps is a community of young families seeking to share life together; supporting each other in following Jesus and in learning to share the good news of God's Kingdom with our friends and families.

We support each other in parenting , faith and life, through the time we spend together in discipleship groups, lunches in each other's homes, walks and picnics together. Through family times as well as one-on-one friendships, we seek to spur each other on in being able to connect with God, live out the purposes Jesus has for us and bring others to know him.

Glow LogoBringing young people together from across Leicestershire to have fun, grow together, and go deeper with Jesus.

We love to spend time together on a Friday night, alternating between chilled out socials- where we take time out to relax and have fun- and nights where we intentionally seek God through worship, teaching and prayer. We aim to equip our teenagers with the knowledge, faith and confidence to engage with and change our world!

Our Space LogoWe are a community of young people with additional needs, carers and families. Our vision is to see everyone with God's eyes and for each of us to find our role within the body of believers.

We have fun together, wherever we can we make church accessible, we worship together and we learn from each other. We want to raise up people with additional needs and we want to support families and carers in their role. For information about Sunday school support, Our Space Sunday School, cell group, Saturday mums and social events please get in touch.

"Freedom to grow in a community of families."

Thriving; not just surviving – this is the heart of the Thrive vision. Our desire is for us and our friends, to become the families God designed us to be through sharing our lives and faith, supporting each other and having fun together. To know God and to make Him known. If you desire to see your family and the families around you Thriving not just surviving we would love to see you!